Urgent Care Clinic

Urgent Care Clinic Schedule



Monday-Thursday: 9:00AM-8:00PM

Friday: 9:00 Am-4:00PM

Week-ends and most Holidays 10:00AM-1:00PM

Please note that the urgent care schedule is subject to changes at any time; always call us first to verify the urgent care availability.

*** In order to increase availibility to the Urgent Care Clinic, we have added a second MD between 10:00am-2:00pm on Monday through Thursday.


To book an urgent care appointment for the same day, please call the Clinic on 613-228-2882

– You may also book an appointment for the same day by coming into the clinic at opening time.


– Do NOT leave a message on the nurses answering machine to book a same day appointment with a doctor. These messages will not be answered.

Urgent Care Clinic Policy

Since January 1, 2010, the urgent care clinic is available as same day 15 minute appointments to patients registered with one of our Center’s physicians.

The purpose for the urgent care clinics is to provide assistance for emergencies and urgent care. A triage system may supersede the scheduled appointments at times, e.g. infants with fever, persons with breathing difficulties, lacerations and trauma could be seen in priority even if you had a scheduled appointment.

Patients may book these appointments only on the day of offering (same day).  Weekend hours are 10:00 am – 1:00pm; we can take appointments in person at 10:00am Saturday and Sunday.  They cannot be booked days in advance.   For holiday urgent care hours, please call before coming, we are completely closed on certain holidays.

When you drop by the clinic, we will book an urgent care appointment for you if it is available. There may be instances later in the day when there are no longer any appointment times available. In these instances, we kindly ask that you come at your next convenient time; the exceptions being the above examples of triaged emergencies.

There may be times due to physician illness or being called to the hospital that the urgent care clinic may be cancelled or delayed on that day.

Please consult our daily availability by phone or visiting our website for any updates.

Please ensure that you arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled same-day appointment. Given that each patient will have a reserved time, the physician will not be able to see patients who arrive late. It is not fair to those who have arrived on time. Our goal is to reduce waiting time and respect our patients’ time.

No-show fees will apply to patients who do not present to their same-day appointment.

Urgent care appointments are not for the following:

  • Prescription Renewals, please ask your pharmacy to fax a request.  (There is a fee for a prescription provided outside of an appointment $20)  If you wish to avoid the fee please be sure to schedule your appointment prior to running out of your medication
  • Multiple issues: one issue for one person per time slot.
  • Routine ongoing care of medical issue such as blood pressure checks or diabetes care.  Our nurse Dianne also provides this service.
  • Well baby visits.
  • Forms and administrative issues.

Week- End and Weekdays After Hours Urgent Care Clinics


Only Ontario patients who have signed the Patient Enrollment Form with their Family Doctor can have access to our Week-end and Weekdays After Hours urgent care service.

If unsure, please do not hesitate to ask us and we will be able to verify the information for you.