Below is a list of fees charged by our clinic for commonly requested services and not covered by your OHIP.

DO NOT PAY ONLINE FOR SERVICES BELOW- Payments have to be processed in clinic only. Thank you.

***We accept cash, debit, Visa, Mastercard or American Express***

Visit Fees/Other

PS365-Yearly Uninsured Service Program

Prescription Renewal Without A Visit: $20

Invalid card: $25.00  (cash only)

Minor Assessment: $60.00+ HST

Intermediate Assessment: $90.00+ HST

General Assessment-Physical: $175.00+ HST

Missed appointment- 15 min: $43.00+ HST

Missed appointment- 60 minutes:  $68.00+ HST


Liquid Nitrogen for wart treatment: $25.00-$100 HST

Wart Removal (per lesion/wart): $25.00+ HST

Skin Tag Removal (3 or more): $90.00+ HST


Camp Physical and Form $75.00+ HST

CPP Medical Report Form: $150.00+ HST

Drivers Medical Forms and Physical Exam: $225.00+ HST

Drivers Medical Form: $85.00$+ HST

EIC Disability/Maternity Cert. INS2019: $30.00+ HST

Fitness Club Form: $85.00+ HST

Insurance Medical Examination: $250.00+ HST

Private Insurance Form: $85.00

Revenue Canada Disability Tax Credit Form: $85.00+ HST

School Medication Form: $30.00+ HST

Day Care Note: $25.00+ HST

Sick Note/Other Notes: $25.00+ HST

Tuberculosis Test and Letter: $70.00+ HST

Nursing Home Form: $145.00+ HST

Pension Buyback and Physical: $250.00+ HST


Vaccine Card Replacement: $25.00

Adacel (over 64 yrs): $50.00

Bexsero: $ 130.00

Gardasil (HPV/Cervical Cancer): $170.00

Havrix 720 (Hepatitis A) – Child: $30.00

Havrix 1440 (Hepatitis A) – Adult: $60.00

Hepatitis B- Child: $30.00$

Menjugate: $110.00

Menveo/Menactra: $150.00

Prevnar 13: $110.00

Twinrix (Hepatitis A and B) – Child: $30.00

Twinrix (Hepatitis A and B) – Adult: $60.00

Typhrix/Typhim: $50.00

Varivax: $85.00

Vivaxim: $110.00

Zostavax: $200.00


*Prices are subject to changes at any time without notice*