• Family Day Feb 19 2018--Our clinic is closed except for urgent care from 10:00-1:00        
  • As of July1 2016 there will be fees ($8.99+HST) for all prescriptions requested outside of an appointment. For more information please refer to the Patient Information Section.        
  • *New Patient Portal is now active. Please see Patient Information section for more details        
  • If you or somebody you know is experiencing serious mental health problems, call the CRISIS LINE 24 hours a day 613-722-6914        
  • New fees uninsured services, notes, forms etc. effective September 1st, 2015        


Patients will soon be able to pay online for specific services, through our patient Portal: Chart Transfer Request, Physio/Massage Renewals, Mailing of Document, Missed Appointment Fees. Please ensure to talk to someone at the clinic before proceeding with any payment. This will allow us to confirm the service can be provided. REFUNDS will not be available.


Below is a list of fees charged by our clinic for commonly requested services and not covered by your OHIP.
DO NOT PAY ONLINE FOR SERVICES BELOW- Payments have to be processed in clinic only. Thank you.

***We accept cash, debit, Visa, Mastercard or American Express***


Visit Fees

Invalid card: $25.00  (cash only)

Minor Assessment: $60.00+ HST

Intermediate Assessment: $90.00+ HST

General Assessment-Physical: $175.00+ HST

Missed appointment- 15 min: $43.00+ HST

Missed appointment- 60 minutes:  $68.00+ HST

Travel Consult: $70.00+ HST



Liquid Nitrogen for wart treatment: $25.00+ HST

Wart Removal (per lesion/wart): $25.00+ HST

Skin Tag Removal (3 or more): $90.00+ HST



Camp Physical and Form $75.00+ HST

CPP Medical Report Form: $150.00+ HST

Drivers Medical Forms and Physical Exam: $225.00+ HST

Drivers Medical Form: $85.00$+ HST

EIC Disability/Maternity Cert. INS2019: $30.00+ HST

Fitness Club Form: $85.00+ HST

Insurance Medical Examination: $250.00+ HST

Private Insurance Form: $85.00

Revenue Canada Disability Tax Credit Form: $65.00+ HST

School Medication Form: $30.00+ HST

Day Care Note: $25.00+ HST

Sick Note: $25.00+ HST

Tuberculosis Test and Letter: $60.00+ HST

Nursing Home Form: $40.00+ HST

Pension Buyback and Physical: $225.00+ HST



Vaccine Card Replacement: $25.00

Adacel (over 64 yrs): $50.00

Bexsero: $ 130.00

Gardasil (HPV/Cervical Cancer): $170.00

Havrix 720 (Hepatitis A) - Child: $30.00

Havrix 1440 (Hepatitis A) – Adult: $60.00

Hepatitis B- Child: $30.00$

Menjugate: $110.00

Menveo/Menactra: $150.00

Prevnar 13: $110.00

Twinrix (Hepatitis A and B) - Child: $30.00

Twinrix (Hepatitis A and B) - Adult: $60.00

Typhrix/Typhim: $50.00

Varivax: $85.00

Vivaxim: $110.00

Zostavax: $200.00


*Prices are subject to changes at any time without notice*